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Hellfire Pass Memorial


06:30 hrs Meet our staff in the hotel’s lobby. Depart from hotel to Kanchanaburi. [2.5 hrs. drive]
08:30 hrs Visit JEATH War Museum, a realistic depiction of prisoner of war living quarters, with photographic, pictorial and physical memorabilia dating from World War II.
09:00 hrs Continue to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. It contains the remains of 6,982 war prisoners (mostly the British, Dutch, Australian and American) who lost their lives during the construction of the Bridge over the River Kwai and the railway to Burma (the Death Railway).
09:15 hrs Then depart Kanchanaburi Town for Hellfire Pass in Sai Yoke Districk. (1 hour drive)
10:15 hrs

Arrive Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum, known among locals as the Museum of Chong Khao Kad, it is a part of the Death Railway that was built cruelly by prisoners of war during the World War II. Hellfire or Chong Khao Kad is spot where the railway needed to cut through the mountain, which was really impossible but the POWs and labors were forced to use hand drills, picks and shovels to carve the rock so that a train could pass. The 500-meter-long pass was incredibly completed in six months in 1943, with many lives were sacrificed. The pass is no longer in use and it becomes the museum to exhibit related tools and photographs about the historical event to remind people the importance of world peace.

After visiting the memorial museum and contemplation deck, we are encouraged to proceed to the walking trail. The walking trail follows the alignment of the original Burma-Thailand railway for approximately four kilometers from Hellfire Pass to beyond Compressor Cutting. Small shelters and interpretative panels have been provided at various locations and toilets are available at the Hintok Road stop.

12:30 hrs Scenic boat ride along the River Kwai.
13:00 hrs Lunch at local restaurant.
14:00 hrs Visit Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, located on highway 323. We can visit there easily from the car park. Head back to Kanchanaburi Town. (45 mins drive)
15:00 hrs Then visit world-famous Bridge over the River Kwai, a part of the Death Railway constructed by Allied prisoners of war. Take leisurely walks around town and pictures on the world- renowned Death Railway.
16:00 hrs Leave from Kanchanaburi pass green paddy fields, villages, and temples then return to Bangkok. (2.5 hours drive)
18:00 hrs Arrive your Bangkok Hotel.


Service Type Prices per person in Thai Baht
1 pax 2 pax 3-4 pax 5-8 pax 9+ pax
Private Tour 8,400 4,350 3,100 2,650 2,300

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